• │Introduction│
    Since its establishment in 1975, the LeaLea Group has diversified its business portfolio. From its beginning as a paper printing manufacturer, it has  diversified into other businesses such as in fiber, textile, trade, construction, environmental engineering, leisure and technology. With the concerted efforts of all its employees, not only has the Group seen stable growth, it has also consistently achieved breakthroughs in both performance and innovation thus ensuring a solid foundation for sustainable business growth.

    Established in 2015, LEA JIE ENERGY CO., LTD. is made up of a team of professionals from the industry who has vast experience in the upstream as well as downstream sector. Since its establishment, its employees have worked tirelessly ensure a high level of quality as well as service standard for its customers so as to uphold its philosophy of "Professionalism", "Quality" and "Service".

    In response to the evolving needs of the market, the Group established VIRTUE ELITE LIMITED in 2018 to enhance the suite of services offered to its customers. Since then, the Company has continued to uphold the Group’s values of “Diligence”, “Integrity”, “ Initiative”, “Innovation” as well as giving back to society, and has reciprocated society in gratitude.

     │Business Direction│
    Coal import and export trade.
    Providing quality and customized coal as well as logistic solutions for our customers.

    │Main Products│
    High quality steam coal from Indonesia, Australia, Russia and, China.

    │Stock Yard Information│
    1.Taichung yard:  Total size of about 124,000 sqft. and with a capacity to hold about 60,000 tons of coal.
    2.Fangyuan yard:  Total size of about60,000 sqft and with a capacity to hold about 30,000  tons of coal.
    3.Yangmei yard:  Total size of about 7,000sqft. and with a capacity to hold about 2,000 tons of coal.

    │Industry Application│
    Dyeing works.
    Brick kiln.
    Food processing.
    Chemical industry.
    Steam and electricity cogeneration.
    Cement industry.
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