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    About us - Prescope Technologies Co., Ltd.
    Prescope Technologies Co., Ltd. was founded in 1991 by a group of researchers with backgrounds in engineering. In the beginning, Prescope was focused mainly on IC firmware program design and development assigned to Prescope by the clients. The fees received for program design was Prescope’s only source of income. Following the expansion of the semiconductor industry, the wide use of consumer electronic products in the IC industry, and the trend towards professional vertical integration, our teams reevaluated Prescope’s positioning and adjust our operating strategy. We devote ourselves to being professional IC application designers and the sales agents for our clients, as well as acquiring the technical ability to manufacture hardware necessary for better integration of our suppliers. Prescope has now reached a new milestone as an IC application designer and sales agent.
    ● Research and Development(R&D)
    Our company has an outstanding R&D capacity and has earned a good reputation for maintaining high quality and efficiency standards. We focus on and promote our R&D capacity. Therefore, we dedicate a lot of human resources and funds to R&D every year. Over 60% of the company’s employees are in R&D.
    ● Marketing
    For a long time, our marketing strategy focused on niche products through segmenting, selecting and evaluating the target market. We established a complete marketing mechanism by sending top salespeople to insure the success of the various promotional activities, and the efficiency and high quality of engineered design.
    Now, the products we have designed have been sold in the U.S.A, Japan, Europe, Mainland China, etc. In the future, Prescope will actively explore more markets and do our best to satisfy our clients.
    ● Administration Management
    We have launched the ERP integrated system, and the outcome fulfilled our expectations. The ERP system can provide clients the immediate information on the market price and the delivery date of goods. We can keep track of every
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    Taiwan Green Power adheres to the idea of the company and meets the requirements of “Diligence”, “Sincerity”, “Enthusiasm” and “Innovation”, expecting ourselves to maintain “professional service” and provide continual “development on a deeper level in Taiwan”. We aim at actively expanding domestic green power and creating a better life for the society under the premise of friendly environment and energy safety.
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