Creating the bright and brilliant world.
Laying the foundation for sustainable business.

About LEALEA Group

Creating the bright and brilliant world.
Established in 1975, LEALEA Group first began as a paper printing factory, and then crossed over other business such as synthetic fiber, textile, trading, construction, environmental engineering, leisure and technology. With the concerted effort of all employees, the company has not only grown steadily, but has also broken through its own performance in order to lay a solid foundation for sustainable business. The Company firmly believes that every enterprise is duty bound to assume responsibility for society. The entrepreneurial philosophy of "Diligence, Honesty, Enthusiasm and Innovation" has always been the premise of its credibility and can be regarded as the best model in business market.

In addition to educating his children and managing the business, the founder has not faltered in the public welfare of society. His cultural and educational foundation has provided scholarships for gifted and poor students, and he has spared no effort in promoting Taiwanese art culture. In recent years, the founder has also established another educational foundation to provide emergency relief and financial aid to poor students at all levels of schools in Yilan area. The founder often encourages the young generation to "take from society and so use for society". In the future, we will uphold the spirit of the Group by giving back to society with gratitude.