Stages Group’s Growth
Early Stage
• Li Peng Printing Plant in Tu-Chen, Lealea Corp. and Li Peng Corp. were founded.
Development Stage
• LeaLea established its first and second texture plants in Chungli Industrial Park.
• Li Peng opened a dyeing plant in Yangmei.
Expansion Stage
• Li Peng expanded its production and built a weaving plant in Yangmei.
• Lealea established a texturing plant in Changhua.
• Soly Tech and the weaving plant in Hsin-chu were merged to the corporations.
• Regiant Industrial Co., Ltd. and Rich Development joined the corporations.
• LeaLea Enterprise and Li Peng Enterprise were founded in 1990 and 1992 respectively.
• LeaLea Hotels & Resorts Co., Ltd. was founded in 1990.(Stock code 5364)
• Daisuke Cheung Development was founded in 1987, and renamed DYX Construction Co., Ltd. in 2018.
Golden Stage
• Li Peng built Changhua Weaving Plant and Yangmei Cogeneration Plant. It also prepared for the opening of Changhua Nylon Plant..
• Lealea set up Changhua polyester spinning plant and expanded its Chungli Warehouse.
• Soly Tech expanded its Hsinchu Plant and added Changhua Texturing Plant.
• Regiant Industrial extended its service scope of synthetic textile.
• Rich Development launched residential and office building projects in Taipei and officially established itself as a development company.
• Kuo Mu Sheng Foundation and its art center were founded.
• Lealea expanded its Changhua polyester spinning Plant.
• Li Peng expanded its Changhua Nylon Plant and Yangmei Dying Plant with new weaving equipment.
• Stock options for Rich Development and Soly Tech were open to the public.
• Soly Tech expanded its Changhua Plant.
• Learned Winner Enterprises Co., Ltd. and Jet Goal Enterprise Co., Ltd. joined the corporations.
• Leader Construction joined in LeaLea Group.
• ITT Management Co., Ltd. was founded in 1997.
• GEC Electric Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998.
2004年 • Green Forest Development Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established and hence awarded the BOT project for Nanzih underground drainage system in Kaohsiung.
• Forest Water Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd.  was founded.
2005年 • Li Peng opened a second Nylon Polymerization Plant with three production lines, which are B, C, and D series.
• Rich Forest Leisure Development Co., Ltd. and East Forest Development Enterprise Co., Ltd. were established.
• Orient Forest Development Enterprise Co., Ltd. was founded, and it also obtained the BOT case of Sewerage System Construction in Luodong area, Yilan County.
2006年 • Synthetic Textile Business Groups started a research and development center.
• Li Peng set up its subsidiary, Libolon (Shanghai) International Trading Co., Ltd., in China.
• LeaLea Richforest Resort-Sun Moon Lake had the grand opening in September 2006.
2009年 • LeaLea set up PET SSP/bottle grade line.
• LeaLea Garden Hotel-Taipei had the grand opening in August 2009.
2011年 • LeaLea Richforest Resort-Keting had the grand opening in June 2011.
2012年 • LeaLea Garden Hotel-Hualien had the grand opening in December 2012.
2013年 • LeaLea set up polyester batch polymer production line.
2014年 • Li Peng Enterprise set up 6th polymer line(Line L).
• LeaLea Garden Hotel- Sun had the grand opening in July 2014.
2015年 • Li Peng restart the dyeing plant I in Yangmei. Dyeing capacity reached to 520mt/m & yarn dye in 250mt/m.
• Li Ling Film Co., Ltd. was founded.
• Lea Jie Energy Co., Ltd. was founded.
• Forest Water Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. was registered as an emerging stock on TPEx listing. 
• The Makauy Ecological Park (Makauy-Mingchih Resort/ Makauy-Cilan Resort/ Wood Forest) was a BOT case and taken over by LeaLea Hotels in April 2015.
2016年 • Perfection Forest Development Enterprise Co., Ltd. was founded, and it obtained the ROT case of Sewer System of Guanyin Industrial Park Service Center, Ministry of Economic Affairs.
• Forest Water Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. was officially listed on TWSE, stock code 8473.
• Merged with and acquired Yi Cheng Development Co., Ltd., engaging in waste sludge reuse business to expand the business territory.
2017年 • LeaLea Enterprise expanded its overseas production base and PT. Indonesia Libolon Fiber System was founded.
• APEX Fong Yi Technology Co., Ltd. was founded.
• Grain Forest Green Energy Co., Ltd. was founded, and it undertook the first case of Food Waste Anaerobic Digestion System & Rice Straw Gasification Power Generation in Taiwan.
• Eastern Forest Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. was founded, securing a foothold in environmental business.
• Merged with and acquired Reuse Co., Ltd., engaging in incinerator bottom ash reuse business. 
• Yilan LeaLea Development Holdings Co., Ltd. had the grand opening in September 2017.
• Garden Education Culture Hotel had the grand opening in December 2017.