• │Introduction│
    Li Peng Enterprise was established in 1975 and started as a factory producing paper printing with Transcolor as its brand name. From 2000, the main products were nylon chip, nylon filament yarn and synthetic fabric. Li Peng's Nylon business owns the most advanced automatic production facilities and fully integrated production procedures. It has the core technology of designing and establishing nylon aggregation technique independently. As the largest Nylon 6 chip manufacturer in Asia, it owns six production lines and the capacity reach maximum of 1,600 tons/day per plant. In addition, it also produces various synthetic fabrics with good quality that receive acknowledge and praise among clients of well-known brands at home and abroad. In these years, Li Peng turned to produce fabric for hometextile, high function textile for sportswear & outdoor and textile for industrial purposes. Under the enterprise resources planning, the process of producing is integrated from raw materials section at the upstream, weaving section to dyeing and post-finishing process. Li Peng works hard to achieve overall control of quality and create advantages of competition in order to improve products and meet customers’ demands.

    Due to the recognition and support from the market, Li Peng and LeaLea work together to integrate polyester, nylon and synthetic fabrics in 2007 with a fresh identification—LIBOLON. It becomes the co-brand that covers both polyester and nylon fields as well as provides services of polymerization, spinning, weaving, dyeing and post- finishing process in Asia. With automatic production system, plentiful or flexible production advantages and 40-year technical experiences, LIBOLON will surely provide more complete services and total solutions with customization.

    │Factory Introduction│
    Li Peng Polyamide Main Factory
    NYLON-6 polymerization technology is adopted, plus with TMT automatic spinning & winding equipment. It owns six production lines in two plants with plenty and flexible production up to the maximum daily output of 500 tons/line, and totally capacity reach maximum of 1,600 tons/day.

    Changhua Weaving Plant
    Changhua Weaving Plant – This plant has auto drawing-in machines which are able to improve the production efficiency of high density textile.

    Yangmei Weaving and Dyeing Plant
    Li Peng 1st dyeing, 2nd dyeing and yarn dyeing plant in Yangmei has the first dye weighting, resolving and conveying system with a computer-controlled system in Asia, which provides auto dyeing process to enhance the quality of dyed products. Automated color matching systems is adopted to meet the requirements of our customers.

    │Main Products│
    Nylon Chip
     ‧ For Fiber
     ‧ For high Tenacity Filament
     ‧ For BOPA‧For Compounding
    NYLON Filament Yarn
     ‧ FDY (Full Drawn Yarn)
     ‧ POY (Partially Oriented Yarn)
     ‧ HOY (Highly Oriented Yarn)
    Nylon Special Functional Yarn
    Cool & Dry Nylon Yarn ( SecoTec® )
    Thermolysis and Coolness ( SecoTecⅡ® )
    Easy Warm Nylon Yarn ( THERMAOLON ® )
    Solution Dyed Yarn ( Ecoya® )
    ReEcoya(RePET®+ Ecoya®)
    Nylon Plus®
    Various Synthetic Fabrics
     ‧ Fabric for industrial purposes
     ‧ Hometextile:flame retardant, blackout, 3 meters wide
     ‧ Fabric for functional sportswear , fashion wear ,uniforms, hunting, and knitted.

    │Quality Certification│
    Li Peng Enterprise gets acknowledgements and praises for its laying stress on quality management, environmental protection and hygiene and safety management:
    ISO 9001 Quality Management System
    ISO 14001 Environment Management System
    ISO45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System (Old Version:OHAS18001)
    Recognized by Oeko-Tex Standard 100 in Switzerland, the label guarantees that products are safe for consumers and no substances that are harmful to human skin
    Global Recycle Standard(GRS)
    Bluesign® standard is a guarantee that ensures the entire production chain is not harmful to humans and the environment.
    The Member of ZDHC. (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals, ZDHC)

    │Production Scale│
    Nylon Chip: 580,000 ton/year
    NYLON Filament Yarn: 36,000 ton/year
    Weaving: 5,000,000 yards/month
    Piece Dye: Woven 8,000,000 yards/month
                     Knitting 700,000 kg/month
    Yarn Dye: 250,000 kg/month
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