• │Introduction│
    PT. INDONESIA LIBOLON FIBER SYSTEM was established in 2017. Located in Puwakarta, Indonesia, it is close to the capital of Jakarta. It is the internationalization and production base extension of LeaLea Group. In the LeaLea Group spirit of "Diligence, honesty, enthusiasm and innovation”, the Company has invested in completely new weaving, dyeing and finishing equipment. It has adopted the management system and technology of the Taiwanese factories to produce high-quality products. At the same time, the Company is aiming to develop a continuous production industrial chain and fulfill its environmental protection responsibility. It is also seeking to achieve sustainable operations. The Company provides customers and brand vendors with more complete services and solutions. By integrating with the Group's polyester and nylon supply chain, it has developed functional fabrics to meet customer needs.

    │Factory Introduction│
    The plant occupies 53 hectares, and comprises new factories, production equipment and high-standard raw water and wastewater treatment facilities. Factories for weaving, dyeing and finishing, and the supporting factory, Hwalin Knitting, are located within the plant.
    • Weaving Factory: The factory produces a variety of filament woven fabrics. Its water-jet looms with automatic warp drawing-in machine, dual-head braiders and quadruple weave can produce a variety of textured fabrics.
    • Dyeing and finishing factory: Equipped with a Data Color colorimeter, the dyeing, weighing, dissolving and conveying systems are fully automated. Combined with a  central dyeing monitoring system, dyeing and finishing quality and efficiency are enhanced. In addition, complete textile finishing processes such as brushing, coating, embossing, printing and laminating are installed.
    • Supporting factory-Hwalin Knitting: Circular knitting machines are introduced to produce single/double-sided elastic fabric.

    │Main Products│
     All kinds of filament woven fabrics, knitted fabrics, dyeing and finishing.

    │Quality Certification│
    ISO 9001 Quality Management System
    Global Recycle Standard(GRS)
    Bluesign® standard is a guarantee that ensures the entire production chain is not harmful to humans and the environment.

    │Production Scale│
    Weaving: Woven 2,500,000 yards/month
                    Hwalin Knitting 1,500,000 yards/month
    Dyeing: Woven and Knitting 4,500,000 yards/month
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    Tel-office:002-62-21-29073245-48 (ext. 102)