• │Introduction│
    LeaLea enterprise, established in 1979, produced polyester DTY to provide raw materials to textile manufacturers in domestic market, we also have routes for sales all over the world. To achieve goals of vertical integration and strategic alliance, it moved upstream by building Changhua Polyester Fibers Manufactory, and began to make mass production in 1997. This provides better supply and quality control of polyester yarn, and also achieves the aim of quality consistency. The whole LeaLea plant take standard operation procedure and create automatic production system of quality monitoring, automatic yarn feeding, conveying and packing in order to improve production efficiency and minimize human error. In 1990, LeaLea had its share holds sold to the public.

    Due to the recognition and support from the market, LeaLea and Li Peng work together to integrate polyester, nylon and synthetic fabrics in 2007 with a fresh identification—LIBOLON. It becomes the co-brand that covers both polyester and nylon fields as well as provides services of polymerization, spinning, weaving, dyeing and post- finishing process in Asia. With automatic production system, plentiful or flexible production advantages and 40-year technical experiences, LIBOLON will surely provide more complete services and total solutions with customization.

    │Factory Introduction│
    Changhua Polyester Fibers Factory
    3 - reactor continuous polymerization technology , spinning equipment, co-generation system, automatic inspection and storing system.

    Changhua False Twist Main Factory
    Friction-type false twisting machine, automatic production equipment and related equipment.

    │Main Products│
    Polyester Chip
      ‧ Spinning Grade
      ‧ Bottle Grade
    Polyester Filament
      ‧ SDY (Spinning Drawn Yarn)
      ‧ POY (Partially Oriented Yarn)
      ‧ HOY (Highly Oriented Yarn) 
    Polyester Textured Yarn
    Nylon Textured Yarn
    Various Special Polyester Textured Yarn
    Conjugated Yarn
    Functional DTY
      ‧ Cool & Dry Polyester Yarn ( CoolBest® )
      ‧ Thermolysis and Coolness( CoolBest II® )
      ‧ Cool & Dry Nylon Yarn ( SecoTec® )
      ‧ Thermolysis and Coolness ( SecoTecⅡ® )
      ‧ Easy Warm Nylon Yarn ( THERMAOLON ® )
      ‧ Dyeable Easy Warm Nylon Yarn ( THERMAOLON ll® )
      ‧ Far Infrared Yarn ( NanoRed® )
      ‧ Characters of heat warm yarn ( NanoRed ll® )
      ‧ Flame Retardant Eco-yarn ( LiFra® )
      ‧ Bamboo Charcoal Yarn ( Litan® )
      ‧ Anti-Bacteria ( Dr.Free® )
      ‧ UV-Cut
      ‧ Ocean Yarn (Oceaya ® )
      ‧ Recycle Polyester Yarn (RePET®)
      ‧ Solution Dyed Yarn ( Ecoya® )

    │Quality Certification│
    Insisting on the principle of Diligence, Integrity, Initiative and Innovation ”for ensuring the quality of our products, LeaLea actively improves and implements the quality control, environmental protection, and occupational health and safety management of manufacturing procedure. We also got certification for above mentioned aspects.
    認證-01-改認證-02-改認證-03-改認證-04改                         認證-06改
    ISO 9001 Quality Management
    ISO 14001 Environment Management
    Global Recycle Standard(GRS)
    OHSAS 18001 Occupational health and safety Management
    The RePET fiber is made form the 100% used PET bottles awarded the GreenMark certificate
    Recognized by Oeko-Tex Standard 100 in Switzerland, the label guarantees that products are safe for consumers and no substances that are harmful to human skin.

    │Production Scale│
    Polyester Chip:120,000 ton/year
    Polyester Chip(Bottle Grade):100,000 ton/year
    Polyester Filament:100,000 ton/year
    Polyester Textured Yarn:110,000 ton/year
    Nylon Textured Yarn:10,000 ton/year
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